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The Amaranta Project / El Proyecto Amaranta
Aster(ix) Journal

The Amaranta Project Micro-Fictions

In English and Spanish (all translations by Kianny N. Antigua)

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Kianny Antigua is a bilingual author specialized in children's literature. She was born in the Dominican Republic, and migrated to the U.S. when she was a teenager. Today she is a writer and a senior lecturer at Dartmouth College. In this interview with Héctor Rendón, Kianny Antigua talks about her books, language, culture, and self-love... (read on for more)

La Peña Ep. 5 de 10 – «La noche muda» de Kianny Antigua

La Peña es una serie especial de Tertulia, co-curada con la escritora Melanie Márquez Adams, de lecturas de poesía y narrativa para celebrar la literatura escrita en español desde Estados Unidos.


Podcast: La identidad dominicana con Angie & Kianny

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Kianny N. Antigua is a translator, writer, and Spanish lecturer from the Dominican Republic, currently based in New Hampshire.

A prolific writer of (often) bilingual children’s books—including Greña/ Crazy HairKiara and the Virus/ Kiara y el virus and But There Are No Palm Trees Here—Kianny is also known for her short stories and poetry. She also edited Literary Works by 10 Dominican Women, an anthology spotlighting “ten transcendental Dominican women writers who have lived or live outside the Dominican Republic”.


Most recently, Kianny translated Dominicana by Angie Cruz and narrated the Spanish-language audiobook... (read on for more)


Kianny Antigua and Keiselim Montás, or Keysi, are both writers. They are both published and acclaimed — and they’re married.


Many famous artistic couples have tried to strike the balance of literature and love: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald, Georgia O’Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera... but a lot of those relationships weren’t exactly even-keeled. 

A relationship between creative people must function both romantically and artistically.

It's not easy. How do Kianny and Keysi do it?


It was a Sunday afternoon and Kianny was making a Dominican staple: white rice, red beans, chicken, green salad, and fried yellow plantains... (read on for more)

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An endearing story about a young girl and her curly hair. Greña / Crazy Hair is a short yet empowering, bilingual, children's book that addresses multiple themes of self-esteem and family love for parents and children to enjoy... (read on for more)


An award-winning subscription box that will make you laugh, learn, and live in two languages!

Kid-friendly and truly bilingual, each box is designed by language immersion experts to get your kids playing and connecting in English and Spanish, naturally... (read on for more)

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